Ana Maria and Nicole
Miami, FL

Dear Elaine,
We can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us!  Thank to you for taking care of us the way you have done it since day one!! You are so flexible with us, we take so much of your time, and I know you will work with my crazy agenda! Thanks to you, my little one will not have major issues with her teeth-mouth and tonight, I am the happiest mom in the world to see that your incredible work paid off!! Niki went to bed so happy!! She loves her retainer, she is not scared to put it on,  and she loves you!!! You are the most beautiful, kind and loving person!! We are so lucky that you are part of our lives!! Big hug to the most incredible Orthodontist in the world!

Nienke Trebotich
Miami, FL

My experience with Dr. deRoode has been fantastic. I was very impressed by her knowledge and skills. She was the first orthodontist who took the time to thoroughly examine me and then show me what was wrong with my bite. Not only do my teeth look great but she made it very easy by being so accommodating to my needs. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with anyone else! Thank you!!

Nicole Santos
Las Vegas, NV

Thank you Dr. deRoode!! My Invisalign treatment was quicker and easier than I expected. What a difference from my prior experience with braces when I was a teenager

Mary Oei
Key Biscayne, FL

Dr. deRoode, thanks for the great advice about my kids teeth! My kids like you a lot; they are happy to go see you!

Joanne Reynoso
New York, NY

I am an orthodontic assistant and have worked with many orthodontists. After getting to know Dr. deRoode, I decided that she was the one I wanted to fix my teeth. I have had my braces off for some time now and my teeth still look great! Dr. deRoode did a great job; I highly recommend her to anybody who wants a high quality result and personal attention.