For most teenagers, wearing braces is a given. As the years go by, new technologies make braces smaller and more efficient, and in some Asian countries, they are even considered “on trend”. However, teenagers often shy away from braces, intimidated.

Good news: there’s nothing to be afraid of! Braces are orthodontists’ number one tool for correcting malocclusion, or as many know it a “bad bite”. This condition can be inherited or the result of childhood habits such as thumb-sucking.

Teenagers are at the ideal age for orthodontic treatment due to the fact that all of their adult teeth have grown in and a doctor can appropriately assess the problem at hand. The earlier these issues are addressed, the easier it will be to fix them. When you receive proper care at the ideal age, you potentially avoid more serious complications and treatments as an adult.

Most braces consist of metal brackets adhered to the teeth and joined with metal wire. The wire applies pressure on the teeth and slowly (but surely) moves them, resulting in proper alignment. Rubber bands are often used to assist this process.

In recent years, different materials for brackets, such as ceramic, have increased in popularity due to a more discreet appearance. However, you can make the most out of your metal braces by mixing and matching available colors. After all, going to the dentist can be fun!

To have the best experience possible while wearing braces, you should always brush around every meal and make sure the metal pieces are clean. Make sure you’re using a soft brush, as stiff hairs will not get between the spaces in your brackets. Avoid food that is too sticky or too hard, as these can cause inconveniences or breakage of your braces.

Remember to schedule regular appointments with your orthodontist for tightening and maintenance. Your bite will slowly come into place, making the molars come together in the back and the top teeth slightly ahead of the bottom ones. Once your treatment is done, your doctor will most likely fit you with custom retainers so your smile will remain beautiful and your teeth unmoved. Make sure to take care of your
new smile! It’ll last a lifetime.

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